How To Unlock AT&T iPhone

Written By Redsn0w Jailbreak Team on 10 April 2012

We have earlier written that AT&T will now be unlocking your off contract iPhones and many customers have already contacted AT&T and successfully unlocked their AT&T iPhone devices. If you are an AT&T customer and own an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G, you can now get your iPhone unlocked if you are in good account standing and are done with your commitment term. If you are looking to unlock your AT&T iPhone, you can contact the company via phone, chat or in-store to request the unlock.

The main thing that is required to unlock AT&T iPhone is the IMEI information which can be obtained from Settings>General>About or by typing *#06# on the dial pad. Once you provide your IMEI number to AT&T will send this information to Apple who will eventually be unlocking your iPhone. Once your iPhone IMEI number is added to the unlocked iPhone database, you will be sent an email from Apple with the details on how to unlock your AT&T iPhone.

3 Responses to “How To Unlock AT&T iPhone”

  1. John says:


    i did exactly that. Now i am waiting on my email from apple.
    I have a jailbroken and ultrasn0wed iphone 5.01.
    Now to what FW will iTunes restore my iphone to?
    5.1 and i lose the Jailbreak or back to 5.01 and i can restore a backup of my iphone?
    Also on future jailbreaks i have to always uncheck unlock, what if i forget that and try an unlock on my then from apple unlocked iphone?

    • Anthony says:

      Hi John ..
      thanks for this info, can u pls give me the contact details of AT&T service provider..Please.
      As I’m too Stuck with my I device.

      For your I phone wait till u get this Confirmation from apple and later check with some well know ppl on this jailbreak and restore.

      look forward to hearing from you…thanks a lot.

    • Anthony says:

      Note: There is a recent tweet from the famous jailbreaker Musclenerd that says to deactivate your jailbreak before you apply the unlock instructions from AT&T. Simply download RedSn0w and run application and do as for jailbreaking only select Deactivate option and complete the process.

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